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Cargle & Associates LLP philosophy is to aggressively litigate every action, while doing so in a cost-effective manner, in order to best achieve the goals of its clients. Although the nature of these disputes may vary, our approach to resolving them is consistent. If litigation is deemed a necessary option, we prepare the matter for trial. 
Commercial Litigation


Cargle & Associates LLP have extensive experience litigating complex civil cases in such areas as commercial contract disputes, business torts, sports, and entertainment. The Firm’s significant experience in representing clients in all types of breach of contract, fraud, fraudulent conveyance, tortious interference, unfair competition, civil RICO, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, government contract litigation, and other commercial actions in state and federal courts. In addition to our extensive trial experience, we resolve cases through negotiations, arbitration, mediation and complex settlements. 


Cargle & Associates LLP understand that litigating complex business issues is expensive and disruptive. For this reason, we explore all available means to effect expeditious and favorable resolutions to disputes, whether through direct negotiation with our adversaries or alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration.



Bankruptcy Litigation

Cargle & Associates, LLP bankruptcy litigation practice involves the representation of debtors, creditors, financial institutions, agents and trustees, directors, owners and purchasers in significant disputes.

Criminal Defense Litigation

Cargle & Associates, LLP provides legal services for clients facing state and federal criminal investigations and criminal charges.  The Firm’s litigation experience and the top criminal defense attorney’ s expertise in a particular area of criminal law provides the client with an aggressive strategic defense to any alleged criminal investigation and/or criminal charge(s), including but nit limited to, Misdemeanor, DWI, DUI, OWI, and Felony.


Employment Litigation


Cargle & Associates LLP has experience representing both employers and employees in many areas of employment law. We represent and advise our clients on matters such as employment discrimination, harassment, including allegations of wrongful termination, and employee benefits actions.  The Firm has the knowledge and experience to evaluate employment cases from both the employer and employee perspective. The firm pride itself on our ability to effectively represent employers and businesses as well as individuals in employment matters. The firm can assist you with litigating in state and federal courts, and before government and private sector administrative hearings.


Civil Rights Litigation

The scope of Civil Rights is ever expanding. Cargle & Associates LLP has experience representing clients whose civil rights have been violated by another, whether that person is an employer, a police officer or a government agency, and in matters of employment, public speech, right to associate, whistle blowing, public accommodations, education, housing, or voting.


Cargle & Associates LLP represent clients for cases of discrimination based • Age, Disability, Nationality, Race, Sex, Religion, Family Relations, Sexual Orientation, Military Status.

Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury/Wrongful Death


Cargle & Associates LLP has extensive experience handling complicated medical malpractice and personal injury cases

Medical malpractice can stretch across a broad range of areas, from slipping and falling at a hospital to the most severe cases of failure to diagnose or treat an illness. Some of the most common medical malpractice injuries are: Infection, Stroke, Deformity, Sepsis, Nerve Damage, Brain Damage, and Wrongful Death.


Our commitment to client-centered services also means helping our clients seek the medical attention they need. To that end, our professional staff at Cargle & Associates LLP includes an in-house Registered Nurse who often serves an integral role in the development of our cases.


Regardless of whether the accident was a fender-bender or a catastrophic collision with an 18 wheeler, Cargle & Associates LLP has extensive experienced in auto accident litigation and mediation that has resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients.


Cargle & Associates LLP is committed to protecting individuals and families against a wrongful death of a family member from unsafe products, as well as from negligent conduct and gross malfeasance by private actors and governmental entities. We have represented individuals and estates in state and federal court actions as well as pre-litigation negotiations.




Cargle & Associates, LLP provides Immigration legal services. The Firm’s 20 years experience providing service to immigration clients like yourself in Texas, New York, Washington DC. We have represented clients with every type of immigration problems including: Visas, H-1B Visas, Permanent Resident/Citizenship, Deportation/Removal, and now applying for the "DREAM ACT" Protection.

The outcome of your immigration hearing or issue depends on several factors:

1. How did you originally enter the United States?
2. What year did you enter the United States?
3. Do you have a criminal history?
4. Have you ever been removed or deported from the          United States?
5. What is your current immigration status?

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